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B&L Backyards



We are the Machleits! Before we tell you a little about each of us, we wanted to tell you a bit about our family, as it is a huge part of B&L Backyards.

Playing sand volleyball at Texas A&M University in Galveston, we met and became great friends. When we moved away, we found the island to be our home away from home and favorite place to visit. 

We married during the pandemic, bought our first home, and welcomed our two vizslas (Sparta and Springer) into our lives.

After working for other people, we decided it was time to create our own company and work for one another. It has been the most amazing journey and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We can't wait to meet y'all!

Meet Bryce

Bryce grew up in Richmond, Texas. He spent most of his time outside fishing or 

playing baseball. Being from the Houston area, he is the biggest

Houston Astros fan. 

From working in a lumber yard to drilling water wells, Bryce has always found himself to enjoy jobs that get him in the great outdoors. Graduating from the School of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University, he found his

niche in Agricultural Systems Management. 

When he graduated from Texas A&M, he married Lauren and went on to work for

a large irrigation company in Fort Worth. He quickly became one of the top technicians in the industry, serving many happy customers. 

After gaining knowledge and experience, he decided to venture out and create his own company.

Bryce's passion for his customers was the driving factor for this decision. He wanted to focus on the customer's happiness with the details of their yard.

His main goal was to make their dream yard come to life.


Thus, B&L Backyards was born!


Meet Lauren

Lauren grew up in Florence, Texas on her parent's ranch, where she 

was always found outside with the goats and chickens. She played  volleyball and being born a fourth generation Aggie, bleeds maroon.


Of course, she went to Texas A&M University. She spent her first two years at the Galveston campus majoring in Marine Biology, then moved to the College Station campus, changed majors to Animal Science and graduated from the College of Agriculture and Life Science. 

After graduating, she moved to Fort Worth where she married Bryce and began coaching club volleyball. While coaching, she began to work along side Bryce. She has found it to be very rewarding to watch her husband do not only what he does best, but what he truly is passionate about. It has driven her desire to design dream yards. She loves to see the joy B&L Backyards creates for people in their outdoor living spaces.

Meet Sparta

When Bryce and Lauren decided to get a four legged companion they knew they were going to get a vizsla. After researching, they found a great family that not only provides great dogs, they also rescue vizslas and help them find great homes as well. Working with Dallas Vizslas, they brought home Sparta in 2018 and their lives have been made so much better since.

Sparta likes to play fetch for hours, chase squirrels, go on hikes, and sleep on the couch. Her favorite places to visit are her Mam'maw and Pap-paw's ranch in the hill country and of course the beach like her pawrents. 

Her party trick is that she can run 40 mph, climb trees and scale an 8ft fence all while making it look easy.

Meet Springer

After Sparta turned two, Bryce and Lauren realized she needed a little buddy of her own. They reached back out to Dallas Vizslas and brought their sweet girl home a crazy little boy for Christmas. 


Springer has been nothing short of entertaining since that day. He likes to chase bugs, ruin Sparta's squirrel hunts with his excited impatience, and be one of the heaviest lap dogs. He too loves the ranch and the beach, but his favorite place truly is wherever someone is petting him.

His party trick is the ability to convince even the strongest willed dads into giving him scraps in the kitchen.


We cannot wait to meet each and every one of you as we strive to create not just a business, but a community within this metroplex.

Our hope is to help you see your backyard dreams come to life and forge lasting relationships.

Please, reach out today!

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