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Our Work

At B&L Backyards we take pride in everything we create. We want to give our customers their ideal outdoor spaces. When our homeowners walk outside our goal is for them to feel it is an extension of their home. We hope they fall in love with their yard that first time and every time after. 

Walk with us through our past projects, and see how we can help you transform your property into everything you've dreamt it to become!

Irrigation System Revamp

Most homeowners have great systems installed. However, with all builder grade parts, the coverage is not always there. We come in with taller heads, upgraded nozzles, and recommendations to improve the overall quality of your system. 

Backyard Sod Installation

At this property, the customer had their pool filled and wanted a lawn their grandkids could grow up playing in and running on freely. 

After taking out the mess of dirt left behind, we installed new irrigation zones and laid St. Augustine Palmetto sod. Now they have the lawn of their dreams!

Landscaping Installation

At this property, our customer wanted to have a few backyard improvements. She told us that her outdoor space is very important to her and we helped her make a few upgrades that really began transforming the space. With a couple of landscaping adjustments and additional sprinkler zones, her backyard has become something she loves even more!

Backyard Revamp

After years of having their yard shaded too much for a good lawn to grow, these customers decided it was time for a change. They wanted a yard that would grow grass and not dirt and roots from erosion. 

We helped them create a space that they will enjoy for years to come!

Pool Fill Round 2

Since we strive to build relationships, this project was uniquely special. We had the pleasure of working with the relatives of one of our previous customers. Like them, they had a pool filled and were left with a mess. We were happy to help!

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