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Whether you need a simple leak repair, whole system tune-up, or a complete installation, B&L Backyards will take care of all your irrigation needs.

4in rotor sprinkler
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After checking immediate issues we walkthrough the system checking for leaks, lack of coverage, and low pressure zones.

Once all issues are diagnosed, a quote is given for the necessary repairs. We will do our best to provide a low, medium, and high option for all repairs, allowing our customers to choose what adjustments they desire most.

When all repairs have been made, we will walkthrough controller functions with the customer and recommend optimal watering schedules and times.

$60 Diagnostic Fee

  • Check entire system

  • Discuss issues

  • Recommend solutions/upgrades

  • Set controller with customer

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If you would like a brand new system installation please schedule your free bid time today!

During our appointment, we will walk the property to determine the best watering system to meet all customer needs.

This will ensure an accurate quote and give us time to schedule your installation in person.

Let's Work Together

Call to schedule a walkthrough today!

Lauren 817.360.3837

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